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Chemical-Free Bed Bug Extermination in Your Ohio Home


Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control makes your family's home safety and health our top priority. Our highly-qualified and well trained technicians are equipped with the right equipment to handle all your residential bed bug extermination problems quickly, efficiently, and effectively and give you and your family peace of mind without the danger to your family presented by toxic bed bug extermination pesticides.


House Bed Bug Extermination

Whether your house is a single family home, duplex, multi-unit or other type of home, our Central Southern Ohio bed bug heat treatment professionals are guaranteed to exterminate your bed bug infestation. One difficulty about utilization of chemical bed bug treatments in a house is actually getting the chemicals to where the bed bugs hide, and eradicating the ENTIRE bed bug infestation. Bed bug heat treatment heats into the cracks and crevices, drawers, bedding, and other areas where bed bugs live. Since the air is heated and circulated throughout the house, the heat reaches into the spaces where chemicals just can't be sprayed. The process of exterminating bed bugs utilizing heat treatment also doesn't leave harmful toxic pesticides for you and your family to breath, touch, intake. With heat treatment you don't have to rush to wash all of your dishes,utensils, clothing and anything else that your family comes in contact with, since no chemicals are sprayed into your home.


Condominium Bed Bug Extermination

Condominiums often share a wall or multiple walls, therefore it is common to find that a bed bug infestation can travel from one condo to another. Your Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control extermination professional will help you to determine where the bed bug infestation is located and if it multiple units may need to be done in order to eradicate the bed bug infestation or if the bed bugs are isolated within your unit. It is important to contact us as soon as the bed bugs are noticed or suspected in order to best isolate the bed bug infestation as well as prevention of spreading the bed bugs to your neighbors through walls, around outlets, crawl spaces, and other areas where bed bugs travel to find their next meal.


Apartment Bed Bug Extermination

We can work with you and apartment management in order to locate the bed bug infestation and determine if bed bug extermination will be required in your unit or multiple units. Like condo complexes, apartment complexes often share common walls and other areas where bed bugs will travel and live. There is also typically a high amount of foot traffic between apartments, which can lead to a rapid spread of bed bug infestations. The heat extermination method utilized by Sleep Tight Bed Bug Control can reach bed bugs in cracks, crevices, and other areas that generally cannot be reached through pesticide treatment. Additionally, since we are not releasing any toxic pesticides into the air you breathe or onto hard surfaces of your apartment, you don't have to worry about breathing or coming into contact with toxic bed bug pesticides. That means, no need to wash your dishes and clean absolutely everything prior to use, as generally associated with chemical bed bug control treatments.


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(740) 418-0105
Southeastern Ohio and Columbus Bed Bug Exterminators, pay the cost of bed bug extermination with credit card
(740) 418-0105
Southeastern Ohio and Columbus Bed Bug Exterminators, pay the cost of bed bug extermination with credit card
(740) 418-0105